3 July 2020
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Holding of the First International Nutrition Festival 11 - 16 August 2019

Holding of the First International Nutrition Festival 11 - 16 August 2019

Since Iran has diverse cultural and ethnic diversity, the establishment of such exhibitions and festivals will led to a prominent and diverse presence of different ethnic groups such as Turks, Lars, Qashqai, Kurds and others. . . Which will create cultural diversity, as well as create an extensive common cultural space and ultimately attract tourists and increase the possibility of non-oil exports.

One of the most important goals of the festival is the following:
The closeness and exchange between cultures and cultural commonalities of different countries
Display and introduction native Iranian and foreign foods
Presentation of Food Brands and Related Industries
Talent identification and choosing the best culinary talents and introducing top international chefs
Introduction of food products, local souvenirs and customs of different ethnic groups of Iran and other countries
Pay attention to traditional foods as local, national and international souvenirs, and the commercialization of foods
Diversification into the attractions of the country with an emphasis on the food diversity and tastes of internal and international tourists
The founding of the tourist attraction of food
The introduction of new food developments and food serving in the world
Presenting of new food technologies and serving (cooking bots, new food ordering and delivery methods, etc.) 
Preclude of Kitchen Equipment Manufacturers and Suppliers
Preclude of companies and food manufacturers (fast food and traditional food)
Presentation and display of Iranian souvenirs and agricultural products
Support for Iranian food culture
The promotion of optimal consumption of food and the use of natural resources

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