Legalization of Business and Commerce-related Documents




Documents (Original & Copies) should initially be certified by the local Chamber of Commerce (In some cases by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) or

state Chancellery and then forwarded to the consular section of the Embassy.


Documents and Papers are normally given in the following forms, for the purpose of authentication and approval:

 Certificate of Origin

 Sale Invoice

 Health Certificate or Certificate of Analysis

 Bill of Lading

 Power Attorney

 Credit and Capital Authentication Certificates of the Company or Businessman

 Article of association

 Letter of Appointing Representative


Required Documents:

 Original papers and commercial invoices that have been approved of by either the MFA or the

 Chambers of Commerce, or other authorities similarly qualified (and approved of by the embassy).

 Legible copy of all the submitted documents.


*For Legalization of Health certificate the certificate of origin and the invoice relative to that document is required.

 Paying authentication & approval fees in the location of the Embassy/Consulate (only with Post Card), Or payment into account (preferable):


BERNER KANTTONAL BANK 3001 BERN 30-106-9 IBAN CH 62 0079 0016 2611 58566


- Payment slip + 2CHF

  • Do not pay the fees via UBS, Credit Suisse and Zurcher Kantonal Bank
  • Send the originReceipt of Payment with your document

 *Join a stamped envelope with your documents

  Legalization Request Form [Fill up and Print] (Mandatory)

 Download Legalization Request Form Here


Condition for being able to work




In order to be able to Legalize Trading Documents, the Company must provide the 3 following articles which mean: Invoice – Certificate of Origin – Health Certificate, all together and pay the concerning price for each article, even if it desires to certify only one of them.



The stamp and signatures of qualified competent authorities of the region, on the legally certified documents and papers must be credible and correspond to the existing stamp and signatures as indicated in the archives of the consulate section of the Embassy.



Legal certification of documents containing damages, wrinkles, scribbled and scrawled text, and correction fluid usage will not be possible.



In case the invoice lacks the total cost of goods, or the request for Legalization of certificate of origin and Health certificate lacks the bill/invoice, according to the regulations, the maximum fee listed in the tariffs of the consulate will be demanded from the applicant of the legalization process.

Legalization charges for Invoices and certificates of Origin



Invoice Amount

Fees to be paid for (Original

Fees to be paid for copy &


Invoices & certificates)

invoices & Certificates




1 to 175 CHF

21 CHF



175 to 1744 CHF

69 CHF

11 CHF


1744 to 8713 CHF

124 CHF

22 CHF


8713 to 17425 CHF

249 CHF

44 CHF


17425 to 87122 CHF

483 CHF

66 CHF


Above 87122 CHF

960 CHF

121 CHF




Legalization Charges for Health (Inspection) Certificates


Amount of the Health

Fees to be paid for Health

Fees to be paid for copy of



Health Certificates




1-1744 CHF

42 CHF





1744-174244 CHF

111 CHF

11 CHF




174244 to 1742425 CHF

207 CHF

22 CHF




Above 1,742.425 CHF

387 CHF

22 CHF




Unknown amount

115 CHF

22 CHF






Legalization charges for:


Kind of documents

Fees to be paid

Fees to be paid (copy)







Power of Attorney

20 CHF












Trade register & Price list

80 CHF

11 CHF











Declaration Letter and similar

80 CHF

11 CHF













Letters of Representation and

80 CHF

11 CHF














For Further information, please contact the Legalization division of the Consular Section in the following hours: 14:00 to 16:00


Tel: 031 3501 079