About the Ambassador

About the Ambassador

Biography of the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Name: Mohammad Reza

Family name: Haji Karim Jabari

Date of Birth: 7/7/1341 Date of Birth: 20 October 1962

Place of Birth: Tehran

Marital Status: Married; has three children

Education: BS in Political Relations (1992), Faculty of International Relations, Wach

Master of Diplomacy and International Organizations (1994), Faculty of International Relations

Ph.D. in International Relations (University of Tehran, dissertation)

Foreign languages: French and English (excellent), Arabic (average)


1360: Entering the State Department

1361-1365: Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran In Gabon

1996-1996: Expert at the desk, Bureau of Africa

1366-1371: Office of the Secretary of State

1993-1993: Deputy of the Department of Telecommunication (Document Protection) Waq

1997-1993: Iran's Representative to the Second Committee (Development and Environment) of the United Nations General Assembly - New York

1998: Deputy Director of the Department of International Economic Affairs, Wach

1998-1998: Head of the Department of Cultural Affairs of Islamic Countries

2001-1998: Vice President of International and Red Crescent Society Communications

2001-2001: Head of Bureau of Multilateral Economic Cooperation

2003-2005: Ambassador to the Ivory Coast (Liberia and Gabon)

1982-2006: Director General in the Department of Foreign Affairs (Serving the Office of the Supreme Leader as: Director General of the Department of Foreign Relations Strategic Council)

2013-2014: Executive Director of Eco Cultural Institute (ECO Economic Cooperation Organization)

2016: Advisor to the Vice President of Europe and America

1996-95: Advisor to the Minister and Director General of the Ministry