3 July 2020
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The 28th Persian Carpet Grand Exhibition 25-31 August -2019

The 28th Persian Carpet Grand Exhibition 25-31 August -2019

Persian handmade carpet besides excellent position in art and culture is considered as luxury commodities with high value which have been adorned all palaces, museums and private houses around the world.

Persian Carpet Grand exhibition is being held annually at the Tehran permanent fairground which many designers, artists, producers, exporters and retailer will attend in a space over than 30000 square meters. More than 40000 visitors including traders, researchers and interested in Persian handmade carpet from Iran and other countries visit this exhibition.

 The 28th Persian carpet grand exhibition as a unique event in the field of Persian handmade carpet is going to be held from 25 - 31 August 2019.

For online registration, please refer to the English page of our website (www.incc.ir) and complete the application form.

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